Life Family insurance
Life Insurance

Life insurance refers to a contract made between an insurer and a policyholder whereby the insurer guarantees the payment of a death benefit to the specified beneficiaries of the insured in the case of death of the insured.

Disability insurance
Disability Insurance

In the event, if the worker becomes incapable of performing work due to injury, illness and earn income, the disability insurance provides income to this category of workers.

Death insurance
Accidental Death Insurance

Accidental death insurance is one of the least expensive life insurance options that exist. It provides you protection and a high payout for death that can occur as a result of non-health-related causes.

Life Trails Insurance Agency, Inc is an independent agency and thus, we are empowered to work for you, providing you with a wide variety of choices and options and not just placing an insurance company into your hands.

We are distinctively able to offer a variety of choices concerning the best insurance policy which will best suit you and we have a great relationship with a lot of top reputable insurance companies, this way you are given a reliable and open hand in making your insurance decisions. Our independence from any insurance company, therefore, offers you the benefit of a wide range of choices.

In addition, we have the strength of highly experienced and professional staff that is always ready to guide and make the process of selecting your insurance policy smooth and pleasurable and will also be with you, therefore, you can be confident that you are never alone.

Another strength of our agency is that we are not just a group doing what we have to do, rather we are a team of focused professionals that are passionate about providing you with the best protection possible for what you value most and this is the basis of our service in this agency.

Finally, also importantly, our independence as an agency is not aimed at selling insurance but is aimed at working in conjunction with our clients to make the most beneficial insurance choice and greatly informed decision that will make you live in confidence and assurance of the future. Our priority is you, and we stand for you, even as we present a wide option of insurance companies to you, to deliver the perfect combination of price, coverage, and service to you.

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